Beauty tools covered 8 times

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Beauty tools covered 8 times

Necessary makeup brush sets five pieces (cheek is red brush + + lip brush, eye shadow brush two eyelash brush, eyebrow brush)

Cheek is red brush with super thin light mink, suitable for powder, powder and other powder extra-tough

Eye shadow brush with super mink, apply to the whole eye, eye socket and eye contour area base.

Concealer brush, sable maomao head, soft and elastic.

Lip brush adopts super mink, daub lipstick feel smooth and delicate.

Eyelash comb, avant-garde, delicate brush head tower, can make eyelash natural apart, create a beautiful eyes.

Wick velveteen beauty cosmetics headband 1 piece (makeup, wash a face, facial mask, bath supplies)

Good water imbibition, easily bundle of hair, wide type

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