XX camping travel bag

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XX camping travel bag

Product size: 470 x 330 x 230 cm

Goods weight: 798 g

Shipping weight: 921 g

1. The main fabric: 600 d Honeycomb Ripstop waterproof PU coating

2. Bear bear system, adopting innovative A.C.S A.C.S bearing system is based on the principle of mechanics KINGCAMP company research and development of a comfortable, high air bearing system. To ensure that the backpack superior comfort and back is dry.

3. The front of the backpack glance elastic compression zone is designed, convenient for storage. Belt is equipped with two convenient storage pockets. At the bottom of the bag cover protection. All use NIFCO buckle, all excellent durability and the appearance of the fashion. Multi-level, pocket design, convenient classification of storage.

4. Backpack main pocket zipper anti-theft pocket inside, safe storage, MP4, PSP portable accessories such as entertainment. The middle pocket with a detachable key chain, on both sides of the external mesh pocket design.

5. Cover the bottom of the bag, please find at the bottom.

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